iOS 11.4 download – Everything new

It seems the company eager to release new chapters of the story to offer newfangled features and made the entire system a remarkable. Soon after a couple of days from the announcements of 11.3, it is great as we can collect reports that started about the next major step as 11.4. Since it is going to be the fifth major settlement to the OS, we guess that the security and even the feature frame too will become interesting than ever. However, behind iOS 11.4 download, there are many to concern even at the very commencing step. So here are a couple of topics to be discussed.

download ios 11.4

iOS 11.4 download with all-new features

At the very beginning of its testing season, the company has been given a couple of important details in order to give the brief direction of the edition. As we discussed earlier, those two functions are taken from prior 11.3 capable to encounter through the latest. AirPlay 2 and Messages in iCloud are the two separated ones that will newly bring on your way. You will have to remain with us to get some more about its future arrangements and incensement. Do not confuse whether it just going to bring a few for it is just the commencement and we have far to go.

iOS 11.4 download release date

A couple of reports noted that the eleventh iPhone operating system will not remain far and will end within next few editions in order to come across the next 12th enormous story. So it will officially proclaim on coming June as usual during World Wide Developers Conference. The gather will bring some further interesting collectives there though we yet to know rumors and so on.

Anyhow, when we concern the release date of whatever edition, it is a challenge for Apple never stands to unveil such important specifics unless there is a special purpose. Therefore, what we check made known us that the announcement of the major 11.4 depends on how many betas will it carry out.

download ios 11.4

What’s more?

However, 11.4 going to be the next release for 64-bit iDevice models. If you are not a jailbreaker, remain far would be better rather than escape from older sessions that are already closer to upcoming jailbreak releases. Since we could count a great update that noted 11.2 to 11.2.6 has a special vulnerability to develop a utility using. So then, 11.3 will be focused for the next breakout and gradually to 11.4 which is the highest. Be with us for rapid broadcasts of all interesting announcements and clues.

Wrapping up

Well, we are at the end of our capture. Our narration may seem covered just a few specifics. But they are the all we could grab at this instant for some further will only capable to encounter in future stages. However, there is a special note for those who will excite for its jailbreak. Do not go after its Cydia installer capabilities without having something highlighted. By the way, we will be able to bring you more and more gradually with its future beta releases. Stay tuned.

iOS 11.3 is Available! What’s New with iOS 11.3

iOS 11.3 Download

iOS 11.3 is now available for all 64-bit devices as the third major software upgrade to the operating system. So anyone can now start with iOS 11.3 Download over the air or through iTunes manually. And as it takes a lot of glamor at a glance, there would be more willing to take the latest iOS 11.3 with all features and functions it takes.

How to Download iOS 11.3

The release of iOS 11.3 is a result of an extensive beta cycle. In fact, we happened to meet iOS 11.3 in the first preview back in January 2018 taking a considerable time from the previous iOS 11.2. And above all, new improved features are here coming along with a new exciting Animoji for iPhone X, better performance, ARKit, better battery health and more. And there is a new way to experience augmented reality on iPhone and iPad, having new iPhone X Animoji and the possibility to view health records from the updated Health app. So if you are willing to go upgrading the latest iOS 11.3 on 64-bit Apple Device, take a look at what it catches us the most.

To download iOS 11.3 over the air, go to settings > General > software update and go on installing the update. Before that, make sure you have sufficient power and being connected to stable WiFi network. But in case if it still not to prompt the update, connect to the iTunes way with connections to Windows or Mac.

iOS 11.3 Highlighted Features

Battery Health

iOS 11.3 Battery Health Feature

One of the most awaited features iOS 11.3 carries here to the public is the ability to see battery health status and change/ adjust Apple’s contentious power management option with the ability to disable CPU throttling as of the requirement. And this will be only available for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and also iPhone SE. You can easily navigate through Settings > Battery letting the user disable the new power management feature which is with the management of maximum performance of the device with control of unexpected shutdowns

New iPhone X Animojis

iOS 11.3 New Animoji

Animojis make a bit hit on iPhone X users. So herewith iOS 11.3, more new Animoji characters are given to the users which are like a dragon, skull, bear, lion and more totally as 16 different 3D animal emojis to go with your facial expressions

ARKit 1.5 Update

iOS 11.3 ARKit 1.5

Making significant improvements in the augmented reality experiences on iPhone and iPad, ARKit 1.5 updates in the latest iOS 11.3. It is now improved to track vertical surfaces like walls and windows just as the support to horizontal. And it will also map circular tables that come under non-square surfaces. Additionally, the camera now has improved resolution in 50% and supports auto-focus in a better way

Additional Features in iOS 11.3

Additionally, there are more features to catch like Business chat, new health record feature together with updates to HomeKit, Apple News, Apple Music, Support for Advanced Mobile Location and more. At the same time, iOS 11.3 is full of security improvements hardly with possibilities to jailbreak iOS 11.3 at the moment. So if you are in the need for more features, improved performance, fixes, iOS 11.3 Download is recommended. But for the need of jailbreak, it would probably take more time undecidedly.

Download iOS 11.3 – Release date and updates

It seems we are slowly getting closer to the 12th iPhone operating system of the year 2018 as WWDC has been announced to be held on coming June. While Apple decided to drop a new story, we are still waiting for a new Cydia release from jailbreakers in aim at upcoming 11.3. It recently counted the beta 6 with a couple of minor arrangements and updates. Those individuals who are thrilled for download iOS 11.3 will capable to grab the update on their 64bit iPhone, iPod and iPad as soon as possible.


Download iOS 11.3 release date and possibilities

The release date of the sixth beta of 11.3 has been noted as March 16. Although some of the unreliable stories said that Apple confirmed its public release date on next Monday, there is no any genuine detail that proves it. Therefore, be careful about being prepared to welcome the major seed on next week. It may become true or will not.

By the way, ARKit improvements, AML, 4 Animoji, Battery Health, Health record integration Apple Music/News and more are there to support you in a better way at this time. And the system has been sharped and polished to perform quickly and bravely than ever. As there are some prior versions as well waiting for their jailbreak releases, 11.3 may not in the top of the list to resolve in the near future. And even we have to make certain whether hackers got exploits related to the edition and that capable to make public without any trouble.

Should I download iOS 11.3?


The answer to the question depends on whether you are a jailbreak fan or not. If you are a jailbreaker and waiting for Cydia download with 11.3, at this instant, the upgrade will not that good. It has no any reliable information. But when you are excited to visit the approaching chapter that Apple going to turn, you will capable to collect it through OTA or iTunes. Make certain your 64bit category and ignorance of jailbreak. Some of those wish to install 11.3 may forget why they have been with an older version thus far.

However, before collecting the update, make sure will it better for you or let you fall worst. As jailbreakers only can reach Cydia through 11.0 – 11.1.2, do not lose your edition for any reason. As there is no certain sign about a utility, you may not capable to reach Cydia via 11.3 that soon.

Wrapping up

It is hard to predict the release date of approaching 11.3. But with many reports, we guess it will no longer keep hiding. As rumors clue, it may be next Monday. But when you come to its jailbreak capability, it is clear we have to be patient at least for its publication to request something interesting from hackers. However, the next story may narrate over 11.2 – 11.2.2 versions as some reports noted that those sessions have vulnerabilities to be developed a utility. Moreover, there was a hint reminding 11.2.5 got a vulnerability though it cannot use to develop a breakout, which supports to arrange a downgrading tool.

Apple released fifth beta of download iOS 11.3

It is been a couple of hours that Apple addressed the gather with a beta version of 11.3. The edition got more and more and that appears to increase its security and bring bug fixes to the coming major edition. However, since users excited and wait to grab specifics related to download iOS 11.3, our narration will guide you through all recent reports and rumors. Will it perfect for you? Here is everything.

download ios 11.3

Points to remember before download iOS 11.3

While I am writing this story, 11.3 just counted its fifth beta and that has to go few more to drop the major edition. Behind its structure, Apple has been developed battery health management, ARKit enrichments and several further features as well to make it another grand offer.

By the way, those who looking for its approach to settling over their iDevice frame better realize that the rule started from the initial eleventh OS drop will apply for later too. In such a situation, 64-bit devices will only continue at this time too. And there is one more reminding for jailbreakers. In accordance with reports we captured, hackers will not be able to set free a utility that soon to get closer Cydia download iOS 11.3. Since 11.2, 11.2.1, 11.2.2 and 11.2.6 either sit tight as non-jailbreak, it is clear that we have to resolve them first and then navigate to 11.3.

Download iOS 11.3 latest beta

Since developers received the fifth beta of 11.3 yesterday, those who have been registering with the respective path will take delivery of the update. Apart from those who got special reasons to set up the edition on their iPhone or iPad better mind exist rather than be in a risky station. At this instant, it is not that good enough having on your device even you are not a jailbreaker for it is just its testing period. And even waiting for a jailbreak, keep in your mind that we cannot reach a breakout soon after its release.

If you already collected current Electra or LiberiOS jailbreak, do not escape for any reason. It is not clear when will non-jailbreak episodes will capable to bring everything to an end. Especially for Electra users, hackers got an impressive update regarding the newly added third-party Cydia app store and semi-restore lite app to restore customized system to the official.

download ios 11.3

Should you upgrade?

There are many fans who were excited to upgrade their devices with brand new 11.3. There are just a few more days from here as it was the fifth beta we received a couple of hours ago. And now, it is time to decide will it good to have the update for you? The truth is we have nothing to prove that 11.3 will capable to jailbreak since hackers did not have any sign related to. So the best advice would stay with your existing episode. And once the edition becomes public, we will be capable to receive reports that unveil the truth and exact details. Just keep in your mind there is a lot to discuss before making any decision.