Apple release iOS 9.3 – Download iOS 9.3 (13E233)

Apple just released iOS 9.3 to public. You can Download iOS 9.3 (13E233) as an OTA or direct ipsw download  file. As now you are able to install iOS 9.3 (13E233)  major update on your iPhone, iPad and iPod it will solve most of your failures faced while using iOS 9.2.1 devices. Just download and install iOS 9.3 (13E233) to gain all advanced features on your apple device. Because admittedly, this is the operating system with full of enhancements, improved performance than ever just like Apple proffered. Most users incentive to download iOS 9.3 because of those improvements, even without a release of jailbreak iOS 9.3.

Download iOS 9.3

Compatible devices

Here are the compatible devices of iOS 9.3, without any removed from the previous list.

  • iPhone 4s – iPhone 6s plus.
  • iPad Mini – iPad Mini 4.
  • iPad 2 – iPad 4th G.
  • iPad Air – iPad pro.
  • iPod touch 5th G and iPod touch 6th G.

How to Download iOS 9.3 – Cydia downloader

The best method to install iOS operating system is using iTunes. When you use this method, it has to follow several steps than the other methods. And also users who are expecting to jailbreak their devices must not use this to upgrade ( wait some time )

Makes sure to use the updated iTunes version for smoother update

  • Backup the device and download iOS 9.3 from the given list below.
  • Launch iTunes and link the device to the PC.
  • Select the appropriate device from the list.
  • Users those who are using Mac, have to click on the Update while holding the Alt key. For Windows users have to click on the same option while holding the Shift key.

Also, you are able to update to the latest version with OTA

  • The device must have disk space for new version.
  • just Go to General from Settings and then “Software Update” option to complete Update.

Cydia Download for iOS 9.3 (13E233)

Still we do not have tool for iOS 9.3 jailbreak.Remember that soon iOS 9.3 (13E233) cannot downgrade to older versions. ( if you have jailbroken device, you will loose the jailbreak) . Though it is not confirmed yet, wish we will be able to reach a new jailbreak tool with the ability of iOS 9.3 jailbreak soon.

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