Cydia free download – Free tweaks for jailbroken users

Hello, everyone! Hope you got to know that Apple will launch respective iPhone, iOS, ATV and further schedules for the year 2017 on tomorrow during the gather that scheduled at Steve Jobs Theater. Though there is not that much on the topic of what they specifically planned to set afloat, iPhone 8/X and ATV have been rumored to be unveiled without a doubt. However, although there is no that significant update for jailbreakers, we brought you a list of Cydia free download tweaks that will support you throughout varies wonderful features.

cydia free download

Best tweaks from Cydia free download

We are going to arrange you a list of free tweaks on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad. This would be great for those individuals who are frugal to hit the jackpot beneficial applications without any cost.

Power Tap

This is a wonderful Cydia download application which aimed at power down menu that bring in to play a couple of features. Once you setup the functionality, you can tap the icon and swipe it swiftly to reboot, spring and save functionality.

cydia free download

Icon Renamer

This is a tiny app that lets you rename whichever application icon on your iDevice. Just install the tweak and press + hold the specific icon you desire to modify. So the Renamer menu will come into view to enter the name you wish. And then simply click “Apply”.

cydia free download


Throughout this, you are able to modify your iPhone or iPad. Once you need to return to the frequent theme, you can directly navigate to its edit mode and use “X” mark to get back the same.

cydia free download


Zeppelin is an astonishing tweak that most of the users adored. Those who want to change the Sim card name can use this simply that supports you to modify the text or the respective icon either.


This for activating a bounce effect for those notifications on the dock. So the each app that has notifications will come into view with the bouncing effect that modifies the common appearance into new and exciting.

cydia free download


As it introduced himself, throughout its brave feature you can clear the dock on your jailbroken device for a clean and clear Home and more.


It will bring you a simple effect just same its name. Installing this, you can apply slide effects to select something just slid up or down.

cydia free download


Those apps got notifications will glow once you apply this on. You can pick up a color that the tweak can use to glow and that can also apply to folders too in the same manner.


The cylinder is a famed app that supports users to capture a complex of animations on whichever page you move.

cydia free download


With this, you can neglect slower animations once you log into a folder, app or settings. In simply, it is a kind of a supporter that boosts the iDevice performance.

Cydia free download for iOS 11

For there are just a couple of hours to commence iPhone 8/iPhone X keynote, hope the story will capture a brand new episode from then. And it will eager hackers to bear out iOS 10.2.1 to iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak stages that they could not recover so far. Though it seems atmosphere is complicated, it will swiftly catch specific techniques to arrive at iOS 11 in the near future.

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