Best tweaks for Cydia iOS 11?

It seems there is zero that noteworthy but Cydia which always comes after jailbroken handsets for betterments. Since the wheel of jailbreaking moves slow and even we have to stay long for Cydia iOS 11, just bring to mind current tweaks and apps that you paid out startling time with. Since the day we start to talk about the eleventh operating system which will widely-open for users from this September, jailbreakers clue nothing but then again a clear demonstration using the second developer seed. It was the well known Keen team as KeenLab without hinting that the upcoming breakout will transpire as own. Moreover, there are many uncertain backdrops to be prepared for the forthcoming. Thus, hope you would love to visit a couple of excellent tweaks that found for those who have been working with Yalu. We have searched through all those charming listings and ended up creating this for you. Here we go.

cydia ios 11

Best tweaks while waiting for Cydia iOS 11


This is one of the essential apps for those Cydia lovers. For its complex of tricks that make everything connected simple and easy, it is been the top of many and even mine.


This will let you modify the iPhone battery, Data pointers plus Wi-Fi absolutely devoid of Winterboard.

Auxo 3

Auxo 3 stands for three main features call Hot Corners, Quick Switcher, and Multi-Center. With the third feature, you can create your Control Center into an extra card. So while the second can arrange to substitute between recently used applications the other can make rapid navigation among Home, app switcher plus Lock screen.



AppLocker is all about your privacy. Once you setup this on your jailbroken handset, you can lock Messages, media and every single app that connected with a Passcode.

Apex 2

Need to modify the appearance of official folders? Here is Apex 2 as the best resolution. You can arrange similar apps up to four in a single icon. You can snap twice, and swipe up/down to arrange things simply.


BioLockdown comes with Touch ID function which is responsible for high-level security. It is not just access blocking the app, in addition, toggles plus locations will open with Settings panel.


CCSetings Free

You can shape Control panel selections via Settings once establish CCSettings. Hotspot, Cellular data, and some other essential toggles can locate in addition.


GuestMode is connected to create a mode for you to share your iPhone with others securely. It just arranges access on your iDevice but will confine as of to keep your things privately.


In simply, iCleaner is a tool that let you manage a clean and tidy device. It will remove all stuff such as cookies, files, temporary collectives and more. Also, you can corporate several apps to fresh frequently.


Springtomize 3

Springtomize 3 is another amazing selection those who love play with Cydia tweaks. If you really worry about modernizing your aspect, this would be the excellent selection.


As it identifies, you can make notifications smaller that place on your status bar. It will automatically scroll down once you will receive more figures.


Any clue for Cydia iOS 11?

While I am lettering this piece, there is zero that much sizeable for those who are anxious for the approaching breakout. At least we yet to know who will be the jailbreaker and the time it will take. But it is not wondering why there is no any jailbreak because of it’s in progressing routine and that will probably take few more months. Just hold onto in your awareness that we could not crack 10.3.2 or else to see something good on 10.3.3 either. Therefore, it is clear that we have to end the tenth story before amass a new tool for dwelling eleventh big and bold.



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