Newly released Cydia tweaks for iOS 11.3.1

It seems team Pwn20wnd endure their brave journey with enhancements and bug repairs to the Unc0ver tool. And now, it is time to count a new breakout. Until then, it would be great and attention-grabbing collect those brand-new Cydia tweaks on your iOS 11.3.1 either thanks to Unc0ver or Electra. So here is the list we narrated with a couple of newfangled releases of varies developers in the community. Check out for it would be better rather than looking for an undecided release.

All-new Cydia tweaks for iOS 11.3.1

Good Morning – Whatever application from your most preferred applications will launch when you wake up in the morning

MessageBubbles – If you need to enjoy messaging, this is such an amazing dealer with a cool new message bubble

Launchtron Activator Action – Those fellows with Launchtron tweak can sue this as an additional support framework for the activation

NCFancy – This is a tweak which capable to perfectly replace the “No notifications” text to the notification panel when you are with iOS 10. And even the iDevice storage info will be there

ytminibrax – This is another application to arrange round corners to the mini player of YouTube in aim at further interesting appearance when users love aesthetical please

smurdHUD – those who need to turn the background of the HUD into blue can apply this

DuplexCalander  – That the alternative Calnder label will apply to those users with iOS 9.0 jailbroken devices on their Lock screen

FullMusic11 (light) – If your iDevice with the 11th iPhone OS will easily deal with a wide-spread Now Playing interface

Noctis12 (iOS 11 Preview) – This is one of enhanced apps for the 11th OS as a preview of famed Noctis12

RemoveThatLine – As it say, the Navigation bar title will swiftly remove just when you set up the app

Sileo for Unc0ver – Of course, this thing you guess is right. This is an exclusive for Unc0ver users as a Sileo intaller

ByePasscodeLINE – Those who addict LINE app can use ByePasscodeLINE tweak to launch the app though there you applied a passcode

GoodbyeCoverAert11 – GoodbyeCoverAert11 is to apply Now Playing UI in the stock app in order to hide the album artwork and even Sportify

MyNavBarTitles – This is another Navigation bar title customization to set up whatever color system-wide

cyanSileo – When you are with Sileo application, there are a couple of tweaks that supports you to customize it. So this too such a simple one to large the title bar and even color the Navigation bar as well

Expected Cydia tweaks for iOS 12.1.2

When you like to play with amazing customizations on your beloved iDevice, it is important make certain if there is a supportive jailbreak tool that lets you. But when we consider the same point on 12.1.2 or whatever iOS 12 edition, it is pity reminds that none of editions got a key to open Cydia download doorways thus far apart from evidences and demonstrations.

But we expect to welcome a breakout in the nearly future and that capable to cover 12.x in accordance with details that Umang Raghuvanshi unveiled.

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