Download iOS 11.3 – Release date and updates

It seems we are slowly getting closer to the 12th iPhone operating system of the year 2018 as WWDC has been announced to be held on coming June. While Apple decided to drop a new story, we are still waiting for a new Cydia release from jailbreakers in aim at upcoming 11.3. It recently counted the beta 6 with a couple of minor arrangements and updates. Those individuals who are thrilled for download iOS 11.3 will capable to grab the update on their 64bit iPhone, iPod and iPad as soon as possible.


Download iOS 11.3 release date and possibilities

The release date of the sixth beta of 11.3 has been noted as March 16. Although some of the unreliable stories said that Apple confirmed its public release date on next Monday, there is no any genuine detail that proves it. Therefore, be careful about being prepared to welcome the major seed on next week. It may become true or will not.

By the way, ARKit improvements, AML, 4 Animoji, Battery Health, Health record integration Apple Music/News and more are there to support you in a better way at this time. And the system has been sharped and polished to perform quickly and bravely than ever. As there are some prior versions as well waiting for their jailbreak releases, 11.3 may not in the top of the list to resolve in the near future. And even we have to make certain whether hackers got exploits related to the edition and that capable to make public without any trouble.

Should I download iOS 11.3?


The answer to the question depends on whether you are a jailbreak fan or not. If you are a jailbreaker and waiting for Cydia download with 11.3, at this instant, the upgrade will not that good. It has no any reliable information. But when you are excited to visit the approaching chapter that Apple going to turn, you will capable to collect it through OTA or iTunes. Make certain your 64bit category and ignorance of jailbreak. Some of those wish to install 11.3 may forget why they have been with an older version thus far.

However, before collecting the update, make sure will it better for you or let you fall worst. As jailbreakers only can reach Cydia through 11.0 – 11.1.2, do not lose your edition for any reason. As there is no certain sign about a utility, you may not capable to reach Cydia via 11.3 that soon.

Wrapping up

It is hard to predict the release date of approaching 11.3. But with many reports, we guess it will no longer keep hiding. As rumors clue, it may be next Monday. But when you come to its jailbreak capability, it is clear we have to be patient at least for its publication to request something interesting from hackers. However, the next story may narrate over 11.2 – 11.2.2 versions as some reports noted that those sessions have vulnerabilities to be developed a utility. Moreover, there was a hint reminding 11.2.5 got a vulnerability though it cannot use to develop a breakout, which supports to arrange a downgrading tool.

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