Download iOS 11- features related to the available Cydia tweaks

Within each and every year Apple offers more new products to their beloved users.As like that, in this time at the WWDC 2017 conference, they have revealed more about their upcoming events. So, in the coming September, they have planned to launch iOS 11. TV OS 11, Watch OS 11 and more. So when we conclude about the iPhone operating system most of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users are now ready to welcome the upcoming giant firmware update. Yes, to experience more adorable features, iPhone users are now ready to Download iOS 11 to their beloved iDevice. But when we turn to jailbreak users side most of they are still enjoy some of the upcoming firmware features within their jailbroken iDevice. And here is a full guide for you related all relevant facts.

download iOS 11

Download iOS 11 first developer beta

As many iDevice users hope for the WWDC 2017, conference to know more details related to the upcoming Apple products, within the conference they have revealed more details. Not only that, they have released the first developer beta too. So, now the paid developers, who are the member of Apple testing program can use this.And we can guess the public beta will release to the public at the end of this month. In accordance with the available data now we can see a huge discussion about the features of upcoming firmware.

iOS 11 features in brief

Yes, as the most popular mobile operating system Apple is already focusing on offering the latest and innovative experience to their users. Therefore, they are concern more to offer the best things to the customers. So, as accordance with the available details now we can see there will be more added and upgraded features with the upcoming giant 11th iOS session. So, within the upcoming chapter, we can see more upgrades and features related to Message app, Camera App, Siri, Photo App, Keyboard and more. Rather than this Apple has revealed that this time, they have concern more to improve the iPad productivity too.

Cydia related iOS 11 features

Of course, in relation to the iOS firmware, most of the iDevice users are willing to gain the jailbreak access to their beloved device to gain more customization features. And Cydia download is the popular fact in the jailbreak community. Cydia offers more third party Apps, tweaks, These and more to their beloved users. So, here when we conclude about iOS 11 features, we can notice some of the iOS 11 features are already enjoyed by the jailbreak users within the existing tweaks. So, here are some of those tweaks and related features for you.

Download iOS 11

Cellular data in ControlCenter

Now in the first time, Apple offer cellular data toggle in the control center. But the jailbreak community already enjoys this with the CCDataMore tweak.

Low Power mode in Control Center

In the first time now there was a toggle in the control center for the Low power mode. And this was similar to the idea of CCLowPower.

Move icons

If you need to move more icons in once, then you can do it with download iOS 11. Anyhow this is already available as the tweak MultiIconMover or MultiActions.

One-handed keyboard

Within the large display of the iDevice, it is difficult to use the keyboard with one hand. So, now Apple introduce the one handed keyboard. Anyhow, Onehandwixard is the similar concept we can see in the jailbreak world.

QR code- scanner

Now you van scan your QR codes directly within the iDevice. But this feature is available with the jailbreak world in may tweak as NativeQR.

download iOS 11

Siri Language translation

Within the bunch of Siri modifications, in 11thiPhone chapter we can note Siri Language translation is an essential feature iDevice users hope for a long time. The jailbreak community uses it as Lingual within more years ago.

Rather than these features, there were several more other features available to related with the jailbreak tweaks. Yes, before release the 11th firmware to the public the jailbreak users can already enjoy some of its features within the existing features. Therefore, it will helpful for them to wait for another time to hope an iOS 11 jailbreak in future. Well, stay tuned with us to know more about download iOS 11 and other related stuff.


Download iOS 11 – the next Generation of Mobile Operating Systems

iOS 11 Announced

At the WWDC 2017, the Apple Inc has demoed the iOS 11. This new mobile OS has added more features than any other Apple OS. We are going to discuss new features that you are about to experience in late 2017. The Apple Inc has focused some special applications that need to jailbreak to install in these days. This proves us that we will not download Cydia iOS versions in the future because the developers are going to add more features to their operating systems. Apple mobile OS has covered a number of facilities from this latest operating system. Read more to get further details.

Updated Siri voice assistant in iOS 11

The developers improved the Siri facility more than the previous operating system versions. In the 10th edition, this expanded to support with more specialized applications for each task such as check live score updates, check car status, scheduling and more. These functions have stabilized and added other powerful features in this Apple mobile OS 11 major edition to power up the device you use. Apple company hosts these listed features to empower the iDevice via Siri voice assistant.

  • Has added two new male and female voices.
  • Added abilities to work as an AI by expanding jokes and personal expressions.
  • In Apple mobile operating system 11 you can type in input queries to Siri behalf of talking.
  • More fluent speaking than all previous versions.
  • The Siri has revamped to more commands related to music apps.
  • The voice tone has changed to natural instead of traditional robotic voice.
  • The major update is Siri has abilities to learn from you all the actions you take while using the Apple device.

Enhanced the typing experience

While using a smartphone the typing activity needs two hands to perform a high-speed output. The traditional keyboards that include to all the previous mobile OS versions unable to perform a better speed typing using a single hand. This matter has completely removed from the mobile operating system 11 by adding one-handed keyboard layout. You can choose one as your in time need from the full keyboard, left handed and right handed layouts. All the facilities come for a better experience and for grants a user-friendly graphic interface to support you. This edition has added following facilities to typing method.

  • You can switch to full-sized keyboard to one handed one by tapping emoji or the globe key.
  • This can autofill the passwords you saved early.
  • Swipe up the letters to enter numbers, symbols, and punctuation symbols.
  • Expanded switch control typing.

Photos App has Improved on iOS 11

Download iOS 11 the next OS has enhanced the photos application that comes with Apple mobile OS versions. This is the main application in every OS edition. Ther is an incredible camera has come with all the iPhones to take creative captures. That is why the developers have expanded the facilities that inbuilt with this application. The new features as the follows.

  • Has added Live Photo Loops.
  • Live Photo long exposure.
  • Live photo bounce.
  • Able to add animated GIFs to the captured images.

These are very few features from over ninety new facilities. We will bring you all the amazing facilities that added to next major edition in our next post. Download iOS 11 is the only and the premiere mobile OS that comes with the largest range of facilities in the mobile operating system history.

Cydia Download iOS versions Latest Updates

Cydia Download Main Image

When the Apple company released a mobile operating system the major searching manner is Cydia Download iOS versions for the new update of the OS. We are going to inform you all the latest updates of download Cydia of each iOS version that released after 10 the major edition. There are various ways have been testing for a number of days to find a proper way of install Cydia installer on each Apple mobile operating system. Thus it needs so download Cydia iOS on iDevices the only way to make this happen is Jailbreaking the iDevice.

With the reference of trustworthy sources, the proper jailbreak solution is on the way to Cydia download iOS versions 10.3 and 10.3.1 that created bu Pangu jailbreaks developing the team but still, they have not released this tool. There are several jailbreaking tools have published that developed various developers available downloading at their own official websites. Let’s take a look at those jailbreaking methods on this article.

Advantages of Cydia Download iOS versions

The main advantage of download Cydia iOS is customization of the iDevice. There are many inbuilt restrictions have made by Apple Inc and they do not allow to access the admin of an iDevice. As said previously, to install this awesome feature needs to jailbreak and the jailbreak allows you to grant administrative privileges. Using Cydia installer you are able to download many jailbroken applications, tweaks, themes, settings and more to customize the Apple devices. The other advantage of jailbreaking on download Cydia iOS on your device is after a complete successful jailbreak it the device will compatible with all GSM, 3G and 4G LTE bands using in any country.

Common way through installing an untethered jailbreak on the Apple Mobile Devices

  • Download Cydia Impactor file using a personal computer. Windows, Mac, and Linux are mostly compatible with this installation.
  • Download the jailbreak in “.ipa” extension.
  • Install the Impactor file and execute it.
  • Then connect the device using an USB cable to the PC.
  • Drag and drop the IPA file into executed Impactor application.
  • Then the Impactor will install the jailbreak on your iDevice.
  • Go to >> Settings >> Profiles and management >> Tap “Trust” on installed jailbreak.
  • Open installed jailbreak on the device and click “Start” or “Go” button to jailbreak iDevice.
  • This will need to reboot the device.
  • After restarting the device check whether is the jailbreak tool install Cydia Installer correctly.

This is the universal method to install common untethered jailbreak and download Cydia iOS on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If the jailbreaking method gets changed the official website of each jailbreaking tool will mention the correct way on install the tool to your device. All the jailbreaks that mentioned below are based on these steps to install and jailbreak the iDevice.

Cydia Download iOS 10.3.2

Cydia Download 10.3.2

The brand new operating system that released by Apple Inc is this. The developers of Apple have solicited to make a better protected mobile operating system with tough security features. Because of these circumstances the app developers or even the hackers are unable to go through this iOS version to grant admin access. So at this time, there is NO any jailbreak released for iOS 10.3.2 yet.

How to Download Cydia iOS 10.3 and 10.3.1

iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak

Ditto the 10.3.2 version has NO any jailbreaking method for download Cydia. The Pangu jailbreak developers have demonstrated a video of jailbreaking an iPhone 7 that running under instructions on iOS 10.3.1 at the Janus Center, China. In that day they have pronounced that they are working with a PP Assistant team and if they agreed they can implement the jailbreak soon. Though the situation is this, the Pangu team has NOT released their tool yet. So at this time, there is no any method upon download Cydia iOS 10.3 and 10.3.1.

Can Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1

iOS 10.2.1 Cydia download

This is a jailbreak free version of iOS 10 series. No one has published a jailbreaking tool that compatible with this version. So you have to wait with 10.1 for jailbreak the device as well.

Get the App-store Installer on iOS 10.2

iOS 10.2 Cydia installer

This version of mobile OS has a way upon install Cydia installer to all compatible Apple devices. The method is based on above-mentioned steps. The Italian app developer Luca Todesco has created mach_portal+Yalu jailbreak suited with this Apple mobile OS version. The tool is in beta stage yet and there are some issues with this model such as this jailbreaking tool was not compatible with all the devices. You can download Cydia iOS on your iDevice except iPhoen 7 and 7 Plus with this jailbreak. Just download yalu 102.ipa file and follow mentioned steps above over download Cydia installer on your Apple device.

Get the App-store Installer on iOS 10.1 and 10.1.1

iPhone 7 jailbreak

This manner is using the yalu jailbreak for install this feature on your iDevice but two methods to use. The first one is using mach_portal+yalu to install Cydia installer on non-iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The second way is extra_recipe+yaluX to download Cydia on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models. These both ways following the same way to install the jailbreak on the iDevice as mentioned above passage. Use this “.ipa” files to get this awesome App-store on iDevices that running on 10.1 and 10.1.1 versions.

The way of Jailbreak iOS 10.0.x versions

jailbreak ios 10

This version of mobile OS needs Luca Todesco’s Yalu jailbreaking tool. As we discussed in above paragraph this version has two methods to install Cydia installer to iPhone 7 & 7 Plus and to the other devices. Use extra_recipe+yaluX jailbreak to Cydia download on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and mach_portal+yalu for other devices.

Cydia download updates for iPhone 7 jailbreak

Within each and every Apple mobile operating system update, they try to offer the best features and performance for their users. Further, with the giant update, they always offer a new Apple product too. So, as like that, this time with the giant iOS 10 release Apple introduces the latest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to the public. Anyhow, whatever Apple offered there were some iOS users, willing to gain the optimum freedom with the device. So, they wish to gain the jailbreak access to their beloved iDevices to enjoy Cydia download. For the giant iOS 10, the jailbreak tool is released by the hacker Luca Todesco and now there was an update for iPhone 7 jailbreak.

iPhone 7 jailbreak

As I mentioned above most of the iDevice users are willing to gain the jailbreak access to their fabulous iDevice, because it opens the gate for another app world. Actually, if you once unlock your device you can reach to the Cydia download. It is a world of jailbreak apps, tweaks, and themes. Which will allow you to arrange your device as the way you want. Yes, after a long time now the latest iPhone 7 users are able to gain Cydia with the latest update. So, here I have offered the all relevant facts for you.

iPhone 7 jailbreak  beta 4 released

As all of us know the jailbreak lovers wait for a long time without having a possible utility to blast the giant iOS 10 firmware update. But there were several attempts related to that. Anyhow, suddenly the popular well-known Italian hacker and security researcher Luca Todesco offers Yalu tool to the public based on the Google project zero Ian beers exploit. Of course, within certain developments, Luca is able to expand his Yalu jailbreak to crack 10.2 iOS firmware update. And in this time the latest Apple iPhone 7 series missed the chance to gain with this. So, most of them looking for an updated stable jailbreak tool.

iPhone 7 jailbreak

Once again thanks to the Google Project Zero developers Ian Beer and xerub, there was another exploit for this newest Apple devices. Yes, the exploit is entitled as Extra_recipe and it is a stable jailbreak tool version for your iPhone 7. Of course, again the hacker Luca has entered to the jailbreak community to complete his Yalu jailbreak. He has paired the exploit and renames the tool as Extra_recipe+YaluX. Anyhow, within the 3rd beta this has gained the Cydia substrate and now with the latest 4th beta, it has provided the chance for the iOS 10.0.x to the iOS 10.1.1 running all iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users.

iPhone 7 jailbreak 4th beta video lead

If you need to know more about the current 4th beta then you can go through this video lead. And remember, now the beta is available in the official Yalu site. So, you can download it from there.

Pangu updates

You may remember that in the end of the April there was a jailbreak demo from the Chinese hacking Group Pangu team. The demo was proven that Pangu team able to jailbreak an iOS 10.3.1 running iPhone 7. Actually, the demo has occurred in the Janus Technological conference. It was a limited one and located in the Mercedez Benz Arena On Expo Avenue in Shanghai. After the demo, most of the Pangu lovers hope it will be release soon. And a rumor related that the tool will be released after Apple rolling out iOS 10.3.2. Now it is to the public and the Pangu tool is not available. At the time now there was another rumor and indicate that Pangu will release the tool in August. So, let we see what will really happen in future.

Till that you can feel fresh with your jailbroken iDevice with the updated jailbreak apps and tweaks. To have more details on these jailbreak related facts stay tuned with us. And to clarify any fact related to iOS jailbreak you can leave it in the below comment session.