A list of new Cydia tweaks for Electra users

Those fellows who want to start the deal with all new jailbreak approaches might fall apart for have nothing thus far. But as we often bring several interesting topics on your way, do not lose hope or remain empty for a long. Try to count whatsoever discussion we brought if you truly want to stay closer to jailbreak released topics. However, here is our collection that will prove to you how amazing even current status as well. We have listed several new Cydia tweaks here. If you have been missed something, check and make certain that you are at the accurate point.

new cydia tweaks

New Cydia tweaks on your jailbroken device

  • Barmoji

On your iPhone X, you are capable to swiftly enter Emojis

  • BarinProgress

When you start  sending a text message, this tweak will display a progress bar

  • BioProtect X (iOS 11)

BioProtect X is a protective application and that supports you to safely keep all installed apps plus further suing Touch ID, Face ID or a passcode

  • ByeTouchCancelReply

It will remove dismissal of the Quick Reply by tap even the outside of the notification

  • Brio

Apply a quick animation on your Dock application icon

  • Call Recorder (iOS)

This would be great as you can use it as a native call recorder and also for VoIP calls as well for iPhones

  • CallKiller

CallKiller can kill and ignore all those annoying calls you will receive

  • Darkbot

Darkbot stands for a true dark theme for the client of TweetBot

  • FuGap

Throughout this tiny app, users can cover the gap which is in the top of your Control Panel

  • Ennui

Those individuals who love to gain the call screen of iOS 12.0 on their iOS 11.0 can request this simple tweak

  • HapticPasscode

While entering via the device passcode, you will gain a haptic feedback

  • HideStatusBarItems

Those who want to hide certain things from the status bar interface should set up HideStatusBarItems

  • HideCallButton

And even this is another tweak to hide the call button those individuals who do not want to see the key on the stock Phone app

  • huePasscode

Add custom colors plus options to the interface of passcode

  • Malipo

When you network the iDevice to a power source, it will arrange a tone to let you know the connection

  • LabelHider

Let you hide app labels from the Home

  • MiDevice

It contains a heap of options to the Springboard

  • NoOlderNotificationsGone

“No Older Notifications” text will remove simply

  • NoCCStatusXI

It will remove the description of the Control Panel which showcases during toggle buttons

  • PokeFullCharge

A Pokemon jingle will play once unplug the handset from a power source

  • PowerdownOptions

This is the tweak which supports you to do modifications the functionality of the official Power Down menu in your iPhone operating system

  • Quotifications

In your Notification Center, “No New Notifications” text will start display with random quotations

new cydia tweaks

Cydia tweaks for iOS 12

There is no doubt that you all will impress if there will be something talking about jailbreak iOS 12 possibilities. And even to make certain whether it will support tweaks and so on, we can do nothing. Just remain until we hear that it became a major edition in the community to start celebrations and enjoy.

The story of download Cydia iOS 11.4.1

While getting closer to the 12th iPhone operating system within a few more weeks, we have to navigate the ship through the last few episodes of the eleventh OS. So, in accordance with current stories, 11.4.1 will be the final that has been launched in last month. Because of its trifling standing, it was not a highlighted part such as the previous 11.4. Thus, there is a hidden story that we have to talk over as download Cydia iOS 11.4.1. This may seem not that much considerable when you are jailbroken and know the truth. But check out this and make sure that you could cover every single point we brought today. Here we go.

download cydia ios 11.4.1

Are you ready to download Cydia iOS 11.4.1?

If you are a jailbreaker and looking for a jailbreak to deal with 11.4.1, we advise you that do not try to put your feet on such a non-jailbreak version. It will cause to lose everything especially all your jailbroken features related to Cydia either.

The next thing is, though you are up to break the barriers of the company, we do not know whether it will certainly become broken. If jailbreakers decide to keep it the same and start again from the next 12th OS, it will become an often edition that ignored such as 8.4.1 and so on. So do not hopefully remain. Just enjoy the current jailbroken functionalities until we will enter a reliable report.

Download Cydia iOS 11.4.1 before iOS 12

As we are in August, there is no doubt that you desire to welcome iOS 12.0 as well. It will be great to end all before count the next operating system. But it is pity as we have to remain emptily. As we concerned reliable reports everywhere, it seems jailbreakers will skip to the next level rather than waste their time on such a slight version. But for this is just a prediction, remain to face the truth obviously.

Download iOS 12

Upgrade iOS 12.0 on next month as well is not a good decision until it confirms its jailbreakable possibility. But thus far, all these are just a complicated story where we cannot see the end clearly. But we assure you though it is complex to realize 11.4.1, the 12th will not that hard for it is the most significant point these days.

download cydia ios 11.4.1

Final words

So we are going to end the today narration. But will surely stand there once hackers will turn a new episode of jailbreak releases. Thus far, it seems to stuck at Electra releases for it is the recent breakout that gave us a lot to excitedly deal with.  But we know that the rest are the most important ones at this time to be prepared to welcome Apple’s newest 12th iOS story in September. Though it is important for us to crack 11.4.1, hackers might list it as a light chapter which is not much important as iOS 12.0. So what we can do is look forward to their perfect ending points with reliable details.

Briefly about iOS 11.4.1 jailbreak updates

Those who remain since far for a jailbreak release have been received an invitation to break all barriers of 11.3.1. And glad to note, there was an update for 11.4 beta 3 as well from the same jailbreaker CoolStar. And now, everyone can deal with respective Electra tools. But we have to clearly clarify you that any of those utilities can support you for iOS 11.4.1 jailbreak. If it seems you missed something, here is everything in briefly.

ios 11.4.1 jailbreak

What’s the recent?

 It is pity let you know that Apple decides to stop sign in 11.4 a few hours back. Therefore, from now onwards, no one capable to perform downgrade to 11.4 beta 3. While we already know that the SEP 11.3.1 does not work with the next 11.4, there is no any method to get back any previous edition that easily. However, behind this, we have to clearly understand that we are no longer available Electra for 11.4 beta 3. Therefore, those who could not get the train on time will have to stay more until hackers decide to offer us a breakout for the certain 11.4.1.

Will hackers support us for iOS 11.4.1 jailbreak?

We hopefully remain for jailbreakers to offer us a new breakout for the rest non-jailbreak versions as often. But we have to note that there are two further editions that we have to stay there as 11.4.1 and the next 12th edition. While iOS 12.0 is the next huge deal of Apple and that will become a public installation from September, it is difficult to believe its breakout will capable to reach within next few months. Thus, all we have to look forward is a utility for the specific 11.4.1. But we yet to know since everything left is cloudy and uncertain.

ios 11.4.1 jailbreak

Rumors for iOS 11.4.1 jailbreak

It would be great knowing whether there is a breakout for 11.4.1 without wait for an empty deal wasting time and everything. Moreover, unlike previous major episodes, it seems rumors avoid proclaim further regarding this. It may because hackers decide to escape posting a deal for 11.4.1 as it is the final chapter of the eleventh story. While these are just precisions, do not make decisions on these for any reason until you realize the actual surrounding? Let reports prove and announce the exact within a few more days. So we cannot get something important right away up until hackers make sure there is a huge deal of demand for users to receive a jailbreak.

Wrapping up

Although 11.4.1 seemed to be a significant edition, it may not that much considerable for jailbreakers. As they got a new deal with the next generational iOS 12.0, we guess they will not let 11.4.1 become a highlighted part with a breakout that soon. Since it is a minor arrangement to the array, we cannot hope it will be that considered as the 12th that approaching. If you stuck there, it is pity as we cannot even guide you to downgrade while the company stops sign in the older ones forever.

The story behind Cydia for iOS 11.4.1

Are you ready to welcome the 12th iPhone OS with unbelievable features plus performances? Before that, we have to bring to the end all prior editions up to Cydia for iOS 11.4.1. Thanks to Electra updates that recently dropped, jailbreakers successfully reached the 3rd beta of 11.4 as the highest broken chapter. So now, we have to move ahead with the rest versions to end them before start walk through the 12th operating system release. Though some specifics are shady, we bought you a clear clarification here.

cydia for ios 11.4.1

Demonstrations about Cydia for iOS 11.4.1

Since there are many reports that discuss about jailbreak demos, it would be interesting to discuss regarding what are unveils related to 11.4.1. But it is pity that the noted edition has no any evidence thus far. A few days ago, Electra breaks all barriers up to 11.4 beta 3. So users with higher editions can downgrade the device and reach respective breakouts. So then, even the major 11.4 could not come to the destination. Therefore, it is clear we have to stay for a few further days to realize everything related to 11.4.1. The truth, in brief, is there is no any single evidence regarding the version you want to jailbreak next.

A new jailbreak concept for Cydia for iOS11.4.1

Although there are no reliable details to depend, rumors seem to note that CoolStar will not work for 11.4.1. As they just arrive in beta 3 of 11.4, we too cannot confirm will they stand for the highest edition for the array at this instant. As some reports clue, we have to be prepared for another chapter as 11.4.2 sometimes if developers got complaints or significant fixes before iOS 12.0.

However, there should be a new jailbreak approach is the frame of 11.4 will no longer available with the next 11.4.1. But the question is who will take the responsibility? It is pointless to predict whoever jailbreaker even without a proper evidence.

cydia for ios 11.4.1

Should you upgrade?

Upgrade or downgrade to another edition is an important movement of users while they are jailbreakers. Even the latest edition for surely include new security measures plus sharpen performances, they are not the points that we have to make certain before the shift. Until 11.4.1 is not a breakable edition, do not upgrade and even try to reach. It does not matter of you currently hold 11.4. Just downgrade to beta 3 and enjoy the recent Electra update.

Wrapping up

Though it is pity, we have to say that 11.4.1 has some further to go for its breakout. Since it is been few days from the official release after a long array of betas, it is unfair to demand a breakout that soon. And even we know it was iOS 11.4 beta 3 as the highest jailbreak approach of Electra and there is no other breakout for further editions. Therefore, you must stay close without letting any fake direction put you at a risk. Since the 12th iPhone operating system as well seems to spread everywhere, you should reserve a place for that as well.