Apple stops signing iOS 13.4.1

After a couple of weeks from the official release of iOS 13.4.1, Apple decided to stops signing it. Those who could not upgrade or downgrade from 13.5 and that recently became the highest version will not be able to return to 13.4.1 anymore. However, download iOS 13.4.1 is the only minor update of the major 13.4. And the just prior version of 13.5. It was the version and that addressed a popular bug related to FaceTime calls and that complained by devices function iOS 9.3.6 and prior. But this is not a wonder for Apple usually stops previous versions when they are ready to offer a brand-new version. So this is a clue for us to get to know that a new iOS version will shortly on our hands.

How to download iOS 13.4.1?

It was 20th last month that 13.4.1 became a public version for all recommended iPhone, iPod and iPad. As clarified, it is the version and that fixed FaceTime calls bug of those improper versions. But now, it is not a version and that can bring on your iDevice as an OTA or else via iTunes for Apple stopped it. Within a few hours from here, you will be able to hear the great news that iOS 13.5 became a public version. So it will be worth to search for Download iOS 13.5 rather than follow a version and that already stopped.

Jailbreak possibility of iOS 13.5

This is for our jailbreak readers who wish to know something about jailbreak possibilities of all-new iOS versions. We already know that both Unc0ver and Checkra1n tools updated their tools with the compatibility of 13.4.1. For it is the prior version of 13.5, we know that it would be great to remain with such confirmed versions, rather than waiting for 13.5 to become a jailbroken chapter. But many reports say that there is no any significant reason for 13.5 to stay as an unbreakable version. those who chase Unc0ver can use their recent release for 13.5. But the rest of you waiting for a public offer of Checkra1n have to remain a few further days for them to turn their recent tool into a public jailbreak. Therefore, stay patiently with 13.4.1 or any other previous jailbroken chapter until it turns into a public seed.

Final words

Those who wish to bring iOS 13.4.1 better know that it is no longer an open version to sign in. For Apple to slowly getting ready to unwrap the next vast version as 13.5, it is pointless to search for any other way to get in. However, those who were there are lucky to bring Cydia using recommended Unc0ver and Chera1n jailbreak tools. Stay tuned to collect the public release of iOS 13.5.

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