How to download Cydia for iOS 14?

We are slowly getting ready to welcome the next gigantic chapter for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as the 14th operating system of the chain. It seems Apple has been decided to make it another great offer with new features and performances and even the security frame. It seems jailbreakers too considered high standard security features of the OS to make it jailbroken. So this is everything about Cydia for iOS 14. As a jailbreaker, we cannot that easily decide to upgrade to iOS 14 because it is a brand new version and that even yet to pass all its betas to turn into a complete version.

cydia for ios 14

Guide to download Cydia for iOS 14

Do not get ready that soon to jailbreak and bring Cydia on your device without a reliable direction. Since we do not know if jailbreakers will agree to launch a jailbreak to the public, it is better to stay till the end and decide to upgrade or not.

However, download Cydia tweaks to iOS 14 is not far from here thanks to the Checkra1n team. Checkra1n was the first jailbreak that addressed the gather behind iOS 13. And now it is iOS 14. According to two developers of the team, they already entered the OS and even download Cydia as well. It was an iPhone X that they used to prove their capability remembering that it is the highest device that we can arrive at using the Checkra1n tool because of the used Checkm8 exploit.

Release of Checkra1n for Cydia for iOS 14

This is another important point that you should remember. Release of a jailbreak is important to note for we should know if hackers agree to offer us a new tool and that even supports almost all devices running iOS 14. Unfortunately, Checkra1n that we have as the only jailbreak with evidence too cannot support all devices. Because of Checkm8 exploit that the tool based on, devices around A5 to A8 are the only devices that we can go through. And not any other jailbreaker confirms their capability of iOS 14. So we have to patiently stay there till the release date of iOS 14 and make sure we are safe with iOS 14 too.

Wrapping up

Since we are with the beta of iOS and iPadOS 14, it is better not to upgrade until hackers confirm they are ready with a possible jailbreak tool. There may be new features and everything. But we still have a lot to make certain.

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