Guide to download Cydia on iOS 14

It is time to start the story of jailbreak iOS 14. You may feel it is being long from the very first beta of iOS 14 because of chapters that we passed thus far. But it is just a few days and has to go more till the Golden Master as the final beta just prior to the major role of the next enormous iOS version of Apple within a few further months. As promised, it seems developers work hard to make the 14th iPhone OS as one of the secured releases ever. But still, we have something amazing from well-known jailbreak team Checkra1n. Their first clue was there just behind the first developer beta and now it is another confirmation of Cydia on iOS 14.

cydia on ios 14

Can I download Cydia on iOS 14?

Do you want to bring Cydia on your iPhone or iPad? There are various methods for that. But you have to patiently find out the way to jailbreak your device when it is running iOS 14. At this instant, it is just the first beta of the 14th iOS chapter that we have to consider. Though there is evidence from Checkra1n, it does not mean you can go through a public jailbreak tool right away.

There is a new twitter post from Sam Binger with a screenshot of Cydia package manager on an iPhone X and that even installed iOS 14. All-new reports too say that the Cydia package has been updated its version to 1.1.36. So this will work with iOS 14 beta. However, you will be able to bring Zebra, Siler and Installer as well on iOS 14 on time. But remember that there is no confirmed detail of a public jailbreak tool that you can use on the iOS 14 public version. Since it is just the beta. We cannot expect it that soon. The best thing would be to stay tuned and welcome the jailbreak tool on time. Until then, enjoy all the new tweaks and even all your beloved ones too without upgrade to non-jailbreak versions and stuck there for long without Cydia.

Wrapping up

If you want to jailbreak iOS 14, keep your device safe until there is a true public release from hackers. There may be various fake reports that you have to ignore. Hope Checkra1n will be there when iOS 14 turns into a perfect public version after the long beta chain.

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