How to fix Cydia icon missing?

Cydia is the best thing for iOS jailbreak users through which the best tweaking privileges are granted. But what if you find your Cydia icon missing after updating with Filza? It is time to consider how to fix the issue Cydia icon missing from the device.

Fix Cydia icon missing

Cydia is supporting on the iPhone. But in case if something is going wrong, assume after updating with Fliza? No worries as here we bring up the fix to it.

The complete guide to fix Cydia icon missing after update with Filza

The complete guide to fix Cydia icon missing is not complex to handle. So take the complete instructional manuals here.

First of all, make sure your device is in the jailbroken state successfully. You here should hard reset after Cydia hit with the unresponsive black screen

Go to the link from the Safari web browser

You would probably find hard to get the download button.  But you will simply find inform the file was too large to view. Continue with the button to “Desktop Version” and tap “Download” that you would find in right

Continue with “More”

Hit the icon “Copy to Filza” and get it saved to var/mobile/documents

Launch the file and go with the option “Install”

Tap the option “Respring”

On springboard, you will find a new icon with the title “Cydia Update Helper”

Go for it and tap “Update Cydia” to continue

That will update Cydia and bring it back on the device. So that is all that you need doing!

What can you do with Cydia Download?

Cydia is the most important thing you target through complete iOS jailbreak. And that is the only way one could get Cydia on the device. So if you have no jailbreak support through a respective tool, you have no space for original Cydia. And by now you would find the support to checkra1n and Electra supporting iOS 13 jailbreak. And for the biggest benefit, here it brings support to Cydia as the package manager.

Are you ready to Get Cydia?

If you ever feel like getting more than what you are just given in the stock frame, the best way is Jailbreak and Cydia. So you can now take the privileges up to the latest iOS 13 through which you could enjoy the best apps and downloads for the highest tweaking on the device.

Cydia icon missing is not a big issue here with the smart steps. So go on with the instructions and have Cydia successfully.

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