iOS 9 Download – software update for iPhone, iPad and iPod is now available

As you waited to reach Apple’s next major iOS release iOS 9, here it is. It is confirmed apple released it today, on 16th of September during their media event held at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Since the first beta release to developers, it had a long journey of five betas and 2 betas as public versions to the Golden Master version which was released 9th of September. It is the final beta release of iOS 9, before release the major update.Now you will be able to iOS 9 download on your iPhone, iPad or iPod as an OTA or using iTunes. But for users those who are expecting to jailbreak their devices must not install iOS 9 as an OTA. Because Over-the-air installed devices cannot use jailbreak tools.ios9download

How to upgrade to Latest iOS 9 – Download iOS 9

By the way, new and advanced features of iOS 9 stable public version can be update using OTA [Over The Air] update. . Anyhow, we cannot get the methodical use from beta versions as it only releases the proper improvements and features with the major release. But as Golden Master is most similar to iOS 9 major release, it is a special release for all consumers and jailbreakers as well.

Apple has released iOS 9.0 with following code names

  • iOS (13A343) iPhone
  • iOS 9.0 (13A342)  iPhone
  • iOS 9.0 (13A340) for iPad
  • iOS 9.0 (13A344) for 35 devices

Features of latest iOS 9 release

Here are some new features we received during the testing period of latest iOS 9. So this will useful before you download iOS 9 on your device.

Transit directions.

You will be able to get the best transit directions ever from iOS 9 such as public transit and nearby recommendations. And as you always get directions on vehicle base, with this it will change and easy. And also you can get the accurate details at always. For all these just access to transit schedules for main Cities and use flyover mode to view zoom transit centers. Through this, you will get “Nearby information” to reach recommendations, “Proactive” to give you information based on your location and “Handoff” to get directions by sending the current iOS map to OS X caption of Apple maps.

Proactive and Siri.

This is a special feature which was designed to predict what you will need, even before you think about it. So as an example, you can command Siri to remind you the maps you were used before, when you are using your vehicle.

Multitasking Features on iPad.

  • You will be able to have Slide Over, Split View and picture.
  • When you using Slide Over, you are able to use two apps as one in full screen and the other as an additional use.
  • Split View too will support you to use two windows at the same time.

News Apps.

When you first go to launch News, it will open with five publications such as CNN, The New York Times and ESPN. So select three from them and continue your news daily feed. And while you using this app, you will be able to use “For You” option as well. It will suggest you some news predict that you would like to get.

Low Power Mode.

  • This will extend the battery life of your device, by offering you three additional hours.
  • You have to do for that go to the Settings app > click on the battery > enable the low power mode by click on the toggle next to Low Power Mode.
  • Then you will get a message and continue it by click on the continue option.
  • So when you enable the low power Mode, the battery will turn to yellow color.

You will reach all these and some other more with the release of iOS 9 . So hope you would like to iOS 9 download on your devices to get all those on your devices.

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