Are you ready for iOS 13.2 jailbreak?

After iOS 13.1.2 became a public minor seed to the 13th OS array, we are glad to encounter the next major version as iOS 13.2. But at the moment, it is just a beta version that is not good to install if we need to work with issues less operating system for a few more days. And now, we are going to note this as the fifth version of the 13th array while being the third major version after minor releases of prior 13.1. If you are a jailbreaker, you may wonder about iOS 13.2 jailbreak. Let’s see how we can get closer to Cydia through 13.2 from here.

ios 13.2 jailbreak

How to get closer iOS 13.2 jailbreak?

First of all, make sure whether the version you chase has a public jailbreak tool? If it is about iOS 13.2, the answer is no. it is just being a couple of days from the first beta of 13.2 that we will have to go through a few further to reach the public version.

As there is no proper public jailbreak, we considered if there is any reliable details about its future Cydia download possibility. Unfortunately, we could not capture anything related to 13.2. The only jailbreak related update we have is Checkm8 exploit of Aix0mX. But it too was with 13.1.1. As the exploit was about A-series chipsets that even can never seal with a software arrangement, we are excited to see how hackers will resolve it.

The release date of iOS 13.2 jailbreak

When we are ready to know about the release date of whatever upcoming jailbreak, there should be a proper clue at least to confirm that the version is jailbreakable. But thus far, we do not have such an interesting direction about any jailbreak tool for iOS 13. As we know there is a chipset based exploit that Apple cannot close with a software update, we should realize that hackers will surely find out a good way to break the wall.

ios 13.2 jailbreak

Final words

By the way, we are with the all-new iOS 13 and its versions of the array that capable to install on recommended 64-bit iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iOS 13.2 is the most recent of the array that brought enhancements and fixes to the array. Those jailbreakers better realize where the jailbreak community with reliable reports is rather than just follow even fake directions. However, we have to stay calm until Apple make 13.2 a public seed to get everything about jailbreaking.

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