Cydia Free Download for iPhone and iPad

We are glad to write this story about a list of top free Cydia tweaks iOS 9.3.3. Those who went through Pangu 9 or else wish to use Pangu will be able to apply these on their devices. If you already captured many jailbreak apps, then you can refer if you missed any tweak that even can arrange for totally free. However, if you need to know about the latest jailbreak release, it is better to check previous narrations. It is Checkra1n for iOS 13.0. Behind every jailbreak release, there is Cydia free download with all-new tweaks, themes and many more to capture as you prefer.

cydia free download

Cydia free download with free tweaks

As we all know, there are tons of jailbreak apps to be arranged on our devices as both free and paid. But on this list, we are going to give you a list that can arrange for free on any of your compatible iPhone or iPad. Here we go.

20 Second Lockscreen





AlwaysMore For Spotlight



Apple File Conduit “2”


Browser Changer

BytaFont 3











Incognito Messages

Messages Customiser



PM, Really?

Record ‘n Torch







Unlock Sound





Speed Intensifier

Cydia free download

If you want to make sure whether you can download Cydia for free, remember that whatever device with jailbreak permission can collect Cydia without any further requirement. But if you are not a jailbreak user and need to deal with Cydia, there is a completely different story. It means you have to turn for Cydia alternatives. They will help you to collect apps, games, mods, themes and more. For many alternatives on the web, you do not have to confirm that you are jailbroken.

cydia free download

Wrapping up

Since Apple continually enhanced possibilities of its iPhone operating system during the last couple of months, we have to apply separate jailbreak tools for each iOS version considering its compatibility. The latest iOS 13 too received its jailbreak tool namely Checkra1n by Luca Todesco and his team. If you have any related device, you can try out everything new using the utility. However, no need to worry if you are with older models for you can find out the accurate jailbreak tool that compatible and bring Cydia right away without any worry.

The best Cydia Impactor alternative

First of all, you better get to know, what is Cydia Impactor? Since there were two separate tools called Cydia impactor a few years back, it is good to make sure which is the one that you want behind you? It was the utility that supported to set up IPA type applications on iPhone or iPad that we called Impactor to be downloaded from the web. And then there is another feature for users, those who wish to unjailbreak their devices, and that can find out through the Cydia app store. Both tools and features were introduced by Jay Freeman for absolutely free. But in this story, we want you to collect details about the implement that we can use in order to set up IPA type apps on our devices. Here we go.

cydia impactor

Install IPA files using Cydia Impactor

Though we have tons of applications on the web, there is a difference between IPA type ones and normal apps. While Whatsapp++, Instagram++ and so on applications have more features and performances for you, the rest will only offer typical ones to move through. However, Cydia impactor will help you to establish such applications simply on your device frame.

Alternatives to Cydia Impactor

However, developers have been working for Cydia Impactor alternatives for a couple of reasons. It seems users desire Cydia Impactor to become easier and uncomplicated. So now, we have further tools such as AltDeploy, VShare Helper, Super Impactor, AppValley, 25PP, 3UTools and so on. Some of those names are familiar since we know them as app stores as well.

Anyhow, you can find out more and more Cydia Impactor alternatives from the web for free. But it is up to you, make sure about the efficiency and the reliability of its performance for own betterment.

cydia impactor

Wrapping up

By the way, this is for those who want to improve their device performance and feature using advanced applications. As I clarified, you have a tool called Cydia Impactor which is let you arrange IPA based advanced applications on your iDevice using Windows or Mac. Since there are many alternatives, you can navigate to such a package if you feel it is tough with the formal Cydia Impactor application. We will guide you through alternatives in the future. In my opinion, you are safer and faster when using the original Cydia Impactor for it is been years that we start function through.

How to Reinstall Cydia on iPhone?

If you are a jailbreak user enjoying Cydia benefits, this is a must-read note about how to reinstall Cydia when you are at trouble. In fact, it could be you suddenly have deleted the app from the device or has faced an issue in its performance. The only solution remain is reinstalling Cydia. So let us here see how it can be done in the right way.

reinstall Cydia

Why should you reinstall Cydia on iPhone?

As you might have already aware, Cydia can only be downloaded with complete iOS jailbreak. In fact, Cydia cannot be downloaded from anywhere outside as it only gets after successful jailbreak. So in case if you have to reinstall Cydia, you have to go with the right steps to make sure you are going in the right way. Maybe you have removed Cydia accidentally from the device or else have purposely removed knowing some issues with Cydia when handling. No matter what, hope one of the two methods below will work for you to get Cydia back working.

Method 01- Reinstall Cydia with Redsn0w

Install Redsn0w on the computer

Once the installation is over, launch the application with a hit

Use a proper cable and connect the device to the computer

Now run “Redsn0w” from the application and hit on “install Cydia” as well

Continue to jailbreak button

Now wait and get confirmed that Cydia is reinstalled on the device successfully

Method 02- Reinstalling Cydia using iFile

Go to Safari from the device

Enter the URL as “” into space through which you can install Cydia without PC or any third-party application use

Now confirm the “install” option from iFile and wait for the Cydia installation

Restart the iFile app to reinstall Cydia on iPhone

What is the latest status of Cydia Download?

As of the time being, iOS 13.3 jailbreak is popular among all with the arrival of new checkra1n jailbreak. The tool is based to checkm8-bootrom exploit which is found unpatchable at the time being and gets updated as of the firmware requirements. So in the times ahead with more Apple updates, we could be able to probably get more Checkra1n jailbreak updates. And thankfully, the tool supports Cydia Download at the end making the jailbreak complete for all iOS users.

Hope you have gained knowledge about how to reinstall Cydia on iPhone in case if it has gone from the device. So get all updates and stay tuned for more interesting news.

How to jailbreak iOS 13 with Checkra1n public beta?

After a number of stories and updates, checkm8 bootrom exploit based checkra1n jailbreak has come out in the public. Within the frame of beta, we do not recommend anyone to hands-on the new tool. But if you are too excited to give try on the first public Jailbreak iOS 13, do not miss the guidelines here.

jailbreak iOS 13

About Checkra1n Jailbreak iOS 13

As checkra1n jailbreak is still a beta, it reports several downsides throughout the trials. So if you wish to take on the process, make sure you do it properly with the guidelines.


Prepare Mac as the tool is Mac-only at this stage

Checkra1n jailbreak is semi-tethered where you need a computer to boot jailbroken (if you power off)

The tool is compatible through A5-A11 64-bit devices (iPhone 5s to iPhone X jailbreak but with the exclusion of iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and 5th Generation iPad)

Make sure the device runs iOS 12.3 or later

With successful jailbreak, Cydia will add default

How to jailbreak iOS 13 with Checkra1n jailbreak?

If you are fine with all the preparations, you can simply follow the steps to complete checkra1n jailbreak. So catch the guidelines orderly.

Step 1: Connect the device to Mac through an MFi-certified lightning cable (trust the connection from the device)

Step 2: Download Checkra1n jailbreak from the official page

Step 3: Once you have completed downloading, double click .dmg file to launch. Then drag the checkra1n app into Mac’s application folder

Step 4: Then, launch Mac’s application folder

Step 5: Right click checkra1n app and choose “show package contents”

Step 6: Then follow with Checkra1n > Contents > Mac OS and double click checkra1n-gui

Step 7: The app will now be launched. You can check whether the connected device is accepted

Step 8: If done, continue with “Start”

Step 9: The app will now tell you need to enter DFU mode and will guide through the process when clicking “Next”

Step 10: Once you are done entering DFU mode, it will start jailbreaking

In a few minutes of processing, you will see Checkra1n loader app on the home screen. Launch the app and install Cydia from the app.

Final words

This is all about how to process through iOS 13 jailbreak with checkra1n jailbreak. Since it is a beta, make sure you take extra caution throughout the execution. And pay attention to all the updates to grab better experience through the process.