Complete guide to jailbreak iOS 12.3.1?

We are here today to unfold an interesting guide to jailbreak iOS 12.3.1. Of course, it is a little old topic but recently updated thanks to dedicated jailbreakers in the community. However, if you are with 12.3.1, let see how to bring Cydia in it?

jailbreak ios 12.3.1

How to jailbreak iOS 12.3.1?

iOS 12 can jailbreak using Checkra1n, Chimera and Unc0ver tools for Cydia. Therefore, if you wish to jailbreak iOS 12.3.1, you can pick up any of those. In this guide, we will let you know how to bring Cydia on your iOS 12.4.1 device using Checkra1n and that became a remarkable offer in the jailbreak history. Here we go.  


  •  Prepare a Mac OS X and a lightning cable
  • Check if the device running iOS 12.3.1
  • Skip this if you are with an iPhone 5S, iPad Air or iPad Mini

How to use it?

  • Connect the iPhone and Mac using the prepared lightning cable
  • Trust your device and continue
  • Download Checkra1n jailbreak package
  • Double-click on the dmg file and open it
  • And then drag the checkra1n file and drop it to the respective Applications folder
  • Launch Applications and right-click the respective tool file
  • Select Show Package Contents option right away
  • Now, go to Checkra1n > contents > MacOS
  • The jailbreak file will open when you double-click on the gui file of checkra1n
  • Stay a few seconds and make sure that your device has been detected
  • Click Start and continue
  • Put the device into DFU mode when ask. You will see respective instructions on the screen to set the device into DFU mode. Follow them and go head
  • The jailbreak process will begin automatically
  • Let the device freely go through the process. Do not operate it for any reason
  • In the end, you can launch the app with a tap on its icon on your Home screen
  • Select Install Cydia option to bring Cydia app store to the device
  • The app will automatically close at the end

Important facts behind jailbreak iOS 12.3.1

Checkra1n will offer you a semi-untethered certificate. Therefore, it will switch to non-jailbreak once you encounter a reboot of the device. I such a case, use a Mac to rearrange the status.

Those who wish to jailbreak their using Windows can go through Ra1nUSB. Since it is a little longer, make sure you can handle such heavy procedures before go through. Or else turn for some other option that you can handle without any worry

Guide to iOS 13.5 jailbreak

We are here today to discuss iOS 13.5 jailbreak. Do not confuse whether you missed it. Let’s see the truth and everything surrounded. We have Unc0ver and Checkra1n tools to deal with Cydia iOS 13.0. Those fellows with compatible versions can break the wall right away. Once Apple will announce 13.5 to the public, it will be the 6th major version of the array. We all know that 13.4.1 was the previous version and that even could become a jailbroken version because of the hardware-based exploit that used by hackers. And now, it is time to break 13.5, the next major arrangement.

ios 13.5 jailbreak

iOS 13.5 jailbreak guide

While I am writing this, there is no proper detail to let you know if Apple will perfectly patch the previous security hole that we used. But, we cannot forget that it was a hardware-based exploit that experts recommended in a better way that the company will take longer to seal.

However, it was the fourth beta that we could collect of the version without any certain confirmation of its publication. The version comes with a few remarkable features that will support health tips. Thus, this is a special arrangement for Covid-19. For the same reason, we guess that there are only a few further days to welcome it as a major deal.

How to be prepared for iOS 13.5 jailbreak?

It is important to prepare carefully before you go through a jailbreak tool. But at this point, we would like to remember that this is just about a beta version. If it will set in the air, we can hopefully count hackers to offer us a stable jailbreak tool.

Anyhow, just remember the golden rule of all the time to stay away from any version until hackers confirm its possibility of download Cydia. Without this, we may have to stay long and long with some versions for jailbreakers to release tools.

Wrapping up

We are currently chasing after betas of iOS 13.5 with a wish to make it too a jailbroken seed. But we yet to know if Unc0ver or Checkra1n will support it. Until then, stay with your jailbroken version. You have to patiently count days. And it is better to follow a reliable report for there are many unstable and fake directions. As experts testify, 13.5 too will surely turn into jailbroken within a few days after its publication.

Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 13

We are glad to narrate a story about top jailbreak apps for iOS 13.0. Everyone knows that Unc0ver and Checkra1n are the jailbreak tools available for the 13th iPhone operating system up to iPhone 11 Pro. There are several reasons why we still need jailbreak permission even behind such an advanced operating system. In my opinion, Cydia is important to heighten the existing frame of whatever iOS version even new or older. However, you may be already jailbroken and want to collect the best Cydia tweaks. Here is our suggestion.

best cydia tweaks

The list of best Cydia tweaks for iOS 13


Use AppStore++ to arrange useful options on your App Store


This is for those who love to have SF font of Apple watch on their iPhone


Bring song artwork to Spotify Playlists using Artistry Cydia tweak


Do you like circle shape app icons on your Home? Then you would love to have CircleIcons as another best Cydia Tweak


CCModules let you arrange several useful modules and custom your Control Centre

Clean Player

You can easily remove the clutter from the Current Playing user interface using Clean Player on your lock screen

Clean Home Screen

Clean your Home screen using Clean Home Screen using its special options to get rid of pointless items that you feel bad


Install EasySwitcherX and bring the handy framework menu to your App Switcher. Using the menu, you can respiring the device, restart and even kill apps easier than ever.

Filza File Manager

This is a perfect and advanced file managing app

Springtomize 5

This is another popular Cydia Tweak since far. Tons of customizations will be there on your hands when you are with Sprintomize 5.


Bring the iPad type dock to your iPhone Home screen. And even arrange a fifth icon as well to the dock.

HideYour Apps

Of course, this is an app that helps you to keep some apps that you installed on your device.


Use KeepItSimple Cydia Tweak to modify your notification center to display all the notifications in a list.


SmallSiri is for those who love to have a small Siri interface. This will automatically minimize it and will not spread everywhere on the device’s screen. As you guess, it is similar to the voice assistant of Mac OS X.


A floating window will be there for you to easily search using Google when GoogleWindow tweak is there. 

Will you take Superman Wallpaper iPhone after Jailbreak?

If you really love changing your wallpapers so often, try changes, customize the status bar, icons and etc, jailbreaking is the best move. Then why not try Superman Wallpaper iPhone or something different? This is is about some best changes you could get on the iOS device after jailbreak. So if you still in trouble whether to jailbreak or not, this would help you with making a decision. So read on.

Superman Wallpaper iPhone

Are you a fan of Superman Wallpaper iPhone?

If you are too in the battle of superman vs batman, you must be one dying to take the best wallpaper on the iPhone. So why wait? Take the superman wallpaper iPhone with the best and have your hero really close to you. But do you know how jailbreak brings the support here? You must take a look before deciding on jailbreak iPhone.

What will you get with iOS jailbreak?

Jailbreaking iOS is simply about bypassing the restrictions. So if you ever feel like you are restricted inside the stock frame, you can jailbreak to safely move out of the boundaries. After jailbreak, you can have Cydia that is the best part of having jailbreak. So that where you can start advanced changes, customizations, wallpapers, and everything as you desire. In other words, iOS jailbreak is where you meet the device’s full potential. So once you are jailbroken, you can expose the device to its true colors.

One of the biggest changes you can try after the jailbreak is changing wallpapers. Not only Superman wallpaper iPhone, but you can also go for whatever the themes you desire. You here get no restrictions. But make sure you pick the right Cydia sources for you to continue with the valuable downloads. So here are some very useful Cydia sources to try.

Superman wallpaper iPhone

Best Cydia sources:

ModMyi Repository comes bundled with a lot of Cydia apps and modifications in a well-categorized order.

BigBoss Repository comes providing thousands of themes, wallpapers, tweaks, apps, and many downloads under various categories.

iPhone cake is a popular Cydia source among game lovers where you will get various game categories. Not only games, but there are also more downloads to get.

Hackyouriphone to get a lot of tools to hack and this is where you will meet many cracked iOS apps here for free.

UnlimApps comes with useful features and tweaks that relate to social media.

These are some amazing facts you must know about iOS jailbreak and Cydia. So get the best features, apps, and Superman wallpaper iPhone or anything here from jailbreak. Give a try and make sure you share your experience here.