Enjoy your favorite videos with Cydia Video Downloader

In this post, you will be able to get to know about an interesting app call Universal Video Downloader. This is for those who are searching for Cydia Video Downloader. If you are a jailbreak user and wish to find out a perfect video downloading tool, check out this narration. Universal Video Downloader is a popular tweak for jailbreak users and that can download through the Cydia app. It is compatible with iOS 8, 9, 10 and 11. It will help you to go through many apps and download videos in various categories without any bother. The best thing is that this is a perfectly designed application with advanced features.

cydia video downloader

Cydia Video Downloader for iPhone

If you are a jailbreak user and having Cydia on your iPhone or iPad, you can find out this Universal Video downloader and enjoy amazing features. And even download videos from various sources are no longer complicated when Universal Video Download is with you. If you wish to download videos when you are offline, this is the best and the only place where you have to visit. And within a few clicks, the video that you love to watch will be on your device.

Unlike common video downloaders, when an app comes with jailbreak permission, a user can enjoy and even olay with advanced features with full permission. There is no doubt that many of you gladly pick up such an amazing app on your jailbroken iDevice. If you are with some other app, of course, we welcome you to suggest it if only it surrounded features than this.

Wrapping up

There may be many other third-party apps that let you download videos. In recent times, stream videos are not enough for we know that you need to keep closer all the videos that you love. So you can pick up Cydia Video Downloader on your jailbroken iPhone and enjoy the true freedom. There is a long list of features that a normal user can never embrace. Even you may found IPA based advanced packages, Cydia is the true freedom of Apple to bring any feature and play freely. However, this is not just about download videos, you can find out tweaks that you were looking for since far once turn the iPhone into jailbroken. As we count days for iOS 14, you may be excited to know if jailbreakers could pass the entire iOS 13 array. For that, you can follow our posts for further reliable directions. 

How to download Cydia for iOS 14?

We are slowly getting ready to welcome the next gigantic chapter for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as the 14th operating system of the chain. It seems Apple has been decided to make it another great offer with new features and performances and even the security frame. It seems jailbreakers too considered high standard security features of the OS to make it jailbroken. So this is everything about Cydia for iOS 14. As a jailbreaker, we cannot that easily decide to upgrade to iOS 14 because it is a brand new version and that even yet to pass all its betas to turn into a complete version.

cydia for ios 14

Guide to download Cydia for iOS 14

Do not get ready that soon to jailbreak and bring Cydia on your device without a reliable direction. Since we do not know if jailbreakers will agree to launch a jailbreak to the public, it is better to stay till the end and decide to upgrade or not.

However, download Cydia tweaks to iOS 14 is not far from here thanks to the Checkra1n team. Checkra1n was the first jailbreak that addressed the gather behind iOS 13. And now it is iOS 14. According to two developers of the team, they already entered the OS and even download Cydia as well. It was an iPhone X that they used to prove their capability remembering that it is the highest device that we can arrive at using the Checkra1n tool because of the used Checkm8 exploit.

Release of Checkra1n for Cydia for iOS 14

This is another important point that you should remember. Release of a jailbreak is important to note for we should know if hackers agree to offer us a new tool and that even supports almost all devices running iOS 14. Unfortunately, Checkra1n that we have as the only jailbreak with evidence too cannot support all devices. Because of Checkm8 exploit that the tool based on, devices around A5 to A8 are the only devices that we can go through. And not any other jailbreaker confirms their capability of iOS 14. So we have to patiently stay there till the release date of iOS 14 and make sure we are safe with iOS 14 too.

Wrapping up

Since we are with the beta of iOS and iPadOS 14, it is better not to upgrade until hackers confirm they are ready with a possible jailbreak tool. There may be new features and everything. But we still have a lot to make certain.

Guide to download Cydia on iOS 14

It is time to start the story of jailbreak iOS 14. You may feel it is being long from the very first beta of iOS 14 because of chapters that we passed thus far. But it is just a few days and has to go more till the Golden Master as the final beta just prior to the major role of the next enormous iOS version of Apple within a few further months. As promised, it seems developers work hard to make the 14th iPhone OS as one of the secured releases ever. But still, we have something amazing from well-known jailbreak team Checkra1n. Their first clue was there just behind the first developer beta and now it is another confirmation of Cydia on iOS 14.

cydia on ios 14

Can I download Cydia on iOS 14?

Do you want to bring Cydia on your iPhone or iPad? There are various methods for that. But you have to patiently find out the way to jailbreak your device when it is running iOS 14. At this instant, it is just the first beta of the 14th iOS chapter that we have to consider. Though there is evidence from Checkra1n, it does not mean you can go through a public jailbreak tool right away.

There is a new twitter post from Sam Binger with a screenshot of Cydia package manager on an iPhone X and that even installed iOS 14. All-new reports too say that the Cydia package has been updated its version to 1.1.36. So this will work with iOS 14 beta. However, you will be able to bring Zebra, Siler and Installer as well on iOS 14 on time. But remember that there is no confirmed detail of a public jailbreak tool that you can use on the iOS 14 public version. Since it is just the beta. We cannot expect it that soon. The best thing would be to stay tuned and welcome the jailbreak tool on time. Until then, enjoy all the new tweaks and even all your beloved ones too without upgrade to non-jailbreak versions and stuck there for long without Cydia.

Wrapping up

If you want to jailbreak iOS 14, keep your device safe until there is a true public release from hackers. There may be various fake reports that you have to ignore. Hope Checkra1n will be there when iOS 14 turns into a perfect public version after the long beta chain.

Guide to install iOS and iPadOS 14 developer beta

We are glad to guide you through install iOS or iPadOS 14 as the operating system of the coming year. Getting a totally new OS means you are going to welcome amazing new features, improvements to the system and security features. At this time too, Apple has been planned amazing chapter to turn though it delayed because of the current Covid-19 pandemic session. In this narration, we are going to post a guide to Download iOS 14 developer beta on your device is you wish to. Here we go.

ios 14

How to install iOS 14?

Important facts

Remember that you are going to bring a developer beta. So being a registered developer of Apple is the most important thing. You can become a developer just for $99. So prepare your Apple ID and get ready to download iOS 14.

Check your device compatibility. If you were a user of iOS 13, there is no any further confirmation for all the iOS 13 compatible devices shifted to the next level as well. The list will expand when the iPhone 12 series will be offered to the public within a few further months. However, go through the same guidelines to install iPadOS 14.

How to install?

  • Just go to the Safari of your iPhone, iPad or iPod and navigate to the special port of Apple
  • Select the Operating System option and then Install respectively under iOS and iPadOS beta sections
  • A message that greets you before download the configuration profile will display. Allow it and move on
  • And then a new message will display and confirm that the profile has been downloaded
  • Just close the message and continue
  • Simply turn to Settings > General > Profile of the device or Settings > Profile Downloaded and select the respective beta profile
  • Select the Install button on top of the screen
  • And then tap the Install button once more to start the installation
  • If you want to stop the installation, it is this stage for you will get two options as Install and Cancel. Select the one in accordance with your preference
  • Restart the device as a notification will recommend you to
  • Now, you have to go to Settings > General > Software Update and click the Download and Install button when the iOS and iPadOS 14 beta will display
  • Simply continue each step that you have to pass and enter accurate Apple ID user name and Password when you will ask to